• • Compatible with Standard Coaxial Cable Support Products
    • Manufactured from UV Resistant EPDM Rubber
    • Flexible Support Ribs
  • Contact For Details : (505) 343-5371
SpecsheetPart NumberDescriptionCompatible Hanger SizeKit Qty
HI0410Hanger Insert for 4mm-10mm Cable1/2" Kit of 10
SpecsheetHI0613Hanger Insert for 6mm-13mm Cable7/8"kit of 10
SpecsheetHI1318Hanger Insert for 13mm-18mm Cable7/8"Kit of 10
SpecsheetHI1020Hanger Insert for 10mm-20mm Cable1-1/4"Kit of 10
HI0613-3Hanger Insert for 6mm-13mm Cable x 3 1-5/8"Kit of 10
SpecsheetHI1722Hanger Insert for 17mm-22mm Cable1-5/8"Kit of 10
SpecsheetHI2231Hanger Insert for 22mm-31mm Cable1-5/8"Kit of 10
SpecsheetHI3040Hanger Insert for 30mm-40mm Cable2-1/4"Kit of 10